What Are The Best Guitar Magazines?

What Are The Best Guitar Magazines?

If playing guitar is a hobby of yours, you may want to find resources that can help you stay in the loop. Having a subscription to a guitar magazine is a great way to stay up to date on guitar news and find great advice for improving your own guitar playing skills. There is a lot that guitar players at any skill level can learn from guitar magazines.

Today, we’re going to discuss some of the best guitar magazines that you can buy. There are quite a few good choices on the market, so we’re going to let you know which ones should be on your radar.

What Are The Best Guitar Magazines?

Best guitar magazines in 2022

Many guitar players will admit that their skills developed even further after getting a subscription to a guitar magazine. Even picking up a copy of one of the magazines once in a while can have a lot of benefits for people who enjoy playing the guitar. Guitar World is one of the most popular guitar magazines on the market.

Some other magazines that are worth checking out are Premier Guitar and Guitar Player. These two magazines appeal to a more diverse audience, while Guitar World is focused specifically on classic rock and metal music.

What is the best-selling guitar magazine?

Guitar World is the best-selling magazine for guitar players. This guitar magazine is based in New York but has gained a dedicated audience around the world. One of the reasons this magazine has become so popular is that it appeals to beginners and professionals. This magazine has quality content for every guitar player out there.

It also has some of the best coverage of readers’ favorite guitar players, including musicians that are topping the rock music charts and some of the most talented contemporary guitar players. Guitar World also keeps readers informed on some of the most essential tracks that guitar lovers need on their playlists. 

Fans don’t have to wait for their monthly copy of Guitar World to arrive either to enjoy more content. Guitar World has a website with up-to-date news to keep readers informed. If there is something important going on related to guitars, Guitar World will have it covered.

Guitar players can get a taste of the content to expect with a Guitar World subscription directly from the official website. If you enjoy the articles on this site, you can subscribe to the magazine directly online. The website also gives you the option to check out other popular guitar magazines.

Best guitar magazines guitar players should know about

If you’re on the Guitar World website, you won’t have to look far to find out about other great guitar magazines. Some other magazines you may enjoy include:

If you want to keep up with more news on the UK guitar scene, then Guitarist has you covered. Guitarist is Europe’s best-selling guitar magazine and is also popular with international fans of the UK rock music scene. On top of coverage of some of the UK’s best guitarists, this magazine also features reviews of products guitar players should know about.

Another popular UK guitar magazine is Total Guitar, which has been operating since 1994. This magazine has some of the best interviews with guitarists from all over the globe. Guitar Techniques is a great choice for people who are less interested in guitar players and more interested in improving their skills and learning new techniques.

Bass Player is a popular magazine aimed at people who play bass. This magazine keeps people up-to-date with news, interviews, reviews, and more. 

What are the fan-favorite guitar magazines? 

Guitar World may be the best-selling guitar magazine worldwide, but it’s not the only one sitting at the top of guitar players’ lists. Two magazines that have gained a lot of attention from guitar players are Premier Guitar and Guitar Player. Both of these magazines keep subscribers happy because they feature coverage of a more diverse music selection. There’s something for everyone. 

Premier Guitar is a great magazine for both guitar and bass players to check out. This magazine features instructions and lessons for a range of different music genres. It also features reviews on some of the latest products and accessories that guitar players need to know about. Another thing people love about this magazine is that they have the option to go paperless and get everything online.

Guitar Player has content for acoustic and electric guitar players. It is one of the top magazines for guitar lessons and tutorials. This is another magazine to which people can subscribe online. With an online subscription, readers will also have access to videos to learn more. Guitar players of all skill levels enjoy the content and can learn a lot from Guitar Player magazine. 

Conclusion- What Are The Best Guitar Magazines

If you enjoy playing guitar, there is a lot you can get out of a guitar magazine. Most guitar magazines feature up-to-date news, reviews, lessons, and more useful things that guitar players should know about. It doesn’t matter if you just picked up a guitar for the first time this week or you’ve been playing for over a decade, there is a lot to gain from a good guitar magazine.

There are several great guitar magazines to choose from, which we covered today. The best-selling guitar magazine in the world is Guitar World. Some other great picks include Guitarist, Bass Player, Guitar Techniques, and Total Guitar. If you want to learn more about how to play, Premier Guitar and Guitar Player are worth taking a look at. 

Every guitar player can learn a lot from the information provided in guitar magazines. If you have a guitar player in your life, one of the best gifts you can give them is a subscription to a guitar magazine. You never know what the latest issue will be able to teach you. A lot of guitar players credit these magazines for helping them improve their skills and development while playing.

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