The Top 5 Reasons Why Electric Guitars Go Out of Tune

Introduction: Why do Electric Guitars go out of tune?

Electric guitars are one of the most popular musical instruments in the world. They are also one of the most difficult instruments to tune. This is because they have either six or twelve strings, and each string has a different tension.

The reason why electric guitars go out of tune is that the strings are constantly being stretched and loosened due to their constant use. The stretching causes them to lose their tension, which results in them going out of tune.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Electric Guitars Go Out of Tune

Reasons Guitars Go Out Of Tune

Reason #1 – String Tension

The first reason why electric guitars go out of tune is string tension. Electric guitar strings are manufactured to specific standards because the thickness and length of the strings will affect their pitch.

Tightening or loosening all six/seven strings equally can cause them to go out of tune, which is often referred to as “dominant pull”.

Reason #2 – Bending

Another reason why electric guitars go out of tune is bending. When a string is bent, the tension in the strings increases. If you bend all six/twelve strings equally, they will immediately lose their pitch when you release them to return to their normal position.

Reason #3 – Cheap Strings

Another reason why electric guitars go out of tune is cheap strings. When you use a set of cheap guitar strings, their lifespan is much shorter compared to top-quality strings. The reason for this is the metal from which they are made isn’t as strong and durable as high-quality strings.

Reason #4 – Temperature Changes

Another reason why electric guitars go out of tune is temperature changes. Temperature changes will affect the tension and construction of your strings, which can cause them to become slack or lose their tension.

Reason #5 – Vibrato

The final reason why electric guitars go out of tune is vibrato commonly called a whammy bar. The very nature of this technique causes a string to rapidly change in tension and pitch until it reaches the desired note. However, if you use vibrato too often or for prolonged periods of time, your strings will become worn out at a much faster rate.

How to Prevent Your Electric Guitar from Going Out of Tune

Some preventive measures that you can take to keep your electric guitar from going out of tune include:

  • Use a humidifier to keep the air in your guitar case moist. This will help prevent the wood from drying and shrinking, which could cause the strings to go out of tune.
  • Keep your electric guitar in an environment where it is not exposed to extreme heat or cold.
  • Keep your electric instruments stringed instruments as far away as possible from radiators, heaters, and other sources of heat.
  • Be careful when bending strings. If you notice that you are causing them to go out of tune, release the bend immediately.
  • Do not use vibrato often or for long periods of time. That will just wear out your strings at an accelerated rate.

What are the Best Strategies to Prevent Your Electric Guitar from Going Out of Tune?

Strings are the most important part of an electric guitar. They are what make the sound, and if they break or snap, it can be a big problem.

Strings can go out of tune for many reasons. One of the most common reasons is that strings stretch over time, which changes their pitch.

The best way to prevent your electric guitar from going out of tune is to replace your strings regularly, or at least every six months. You should also keep your guitar in a case when you’re not playing it, to help protect it from temperature changes that could cause the strings to stretch more quickly.

The Role of the Humidifier in Maintaining Your Guitar’s Health and Performance

Humidifiers are a great way to protect your guitar from the damaging effects of dry air. They can also be used to create a specific sound in your guitar or to add some moisture back into the air when it has been heated and dried by a heater.

There are many benefits of using humidifiers for guitars. One of the most important is that they will help you avoid any damage that can be caused by dry air. Another benefit is that they can make your guitar sound better, especially if you want it to have a warmer tone or more resonance. Some people even use them to make their guitars feel more playable in cold weather because they add moisture back into the air and make it easier on your fingers when you’re playing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tuning

Why Does My New Guitar Keep Going Out Of Tune?

A new guitar can go out of tune more easily because the strings have not been stretched yet. New strings need time to stretch and find the spot where they stay constant in their tension.

Why Won’t My Electric Guitar Stay In Tune?

There are several reasons why your electric guitar might keep going out of tune:

You may be using a cheap set of strings or the wrong ones for your instrument.

Your guitar could be badly constructed and not built to withstand regular playing. Try changing brands, because this may solve the problem.

Temperature changes can also affect the integrity of your strings and cause them to go out of tune.

How Do I Keep My Electric Guitar In Tune?

In order to make sure that your electric guitar is in tune, do the following:

Always replace the strings on an electric guitar at least twice a year. If you use a humidifier in your case, this might not be necessary so much.

Check the tuning about once every week, if not more often. Tuning your guitar regularly is the best way to make sure it does not go out of tune.

Use a digital tuner for perfect results and consistency in tuning. If you prefer using an analog tuner, try strumming each string, then lowering the pitch until it matches the note on your tuner.

Are Electric Guitars Hard To Tune?

Electric guitars are not more difficult to tune than any other type of guitar. You can get pretty close by simply turning each tuning peg until it sounds right, then checking the tuning after playing a few chords. However, the more you use your electric guitar, the more often you’ll need to check your tuning because temperature changes and time stretch your strings


In conclusion, electric guitars go out of tune for many reasons and it is important to fix the problem as soon as possible. One way to prevent your guitar from going out of tune is to keep all of its components healthy and intact, including the strings, tuning pegs, and bridge.

Keeping them in good working condition will help ensure that you get a long life out of your electric guitar. You should also replace your strings regularly or at least every six months to help maintain the best sound quality. Finally, you can use humidifiers for guitars to protect your instrument from dry air and increase its lifespan.

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