Is Electric Guitar Easier to Play Than Acoustic?

Is Electric Guitar Easier to Play Than Acoustic?

If you want to learn how to play guitar and you’re wondering if you should start with an electric one or an acoustic, you’ve come to the right place. The bottom line is that, while opinions can vary, most people agree that playing the electric guitar is a little easier than playing an acoustic. Of course, that depends on whether you’re talking about how easy it is to handle the guitar itself or how easy it is to learn the music. Since the music can vary depending on the genre and many other factors, it’s best to look at the physical act of playing the guitar instead.

As a general rule, most experts consider electric guitars to be easier to play than acoustics. With acoustic guitars, you have heavier strings and the strings themselves are a little higher. Acoustic guitars also have an overall size that is bigger. With smaller bodies and lighter strings, electric guitars are easier to learn and easier to play from that point forward. Of course, it is a musical instrument, and therefore, as a beginner, you’ll still have to work hard to learn the basics and practice a lot to get good at it.

is electric guitar easier to play than acoustic

Facts Versus Myths

When it comes to which type of guitar is easier to play, there are myths and facts, but mostly myths. Some people suggest starting with an acoustic guitar because it is harder to play but will strengthen your fingers and hands a lot quicker. Others suggest starting with the electric guitar because it is easier to play. The truth is that you should start with the guitar that you’re most interested in and are the most excited about. Without enthusiasm and commitment, either of these guitars will be difficult to learn, so always choose the one that you seem to have the most passion for.

That being said, acoustic guitars’ heavy strings will require firmer fingerpicking, and its wider fretboard can make learning the notes and chords a little more challenging. In many ways, therefore, electric guitars are physically easier to play than acoustic guitars are, so if an electric guitar is what you daydream about playing, then that’s the one you should choose. Remember, to get good at an instrument you have to practice a lot, and if you can’t get excited about the thought of practicing either type of guitar, then you should choose the other type to get started with.

Electric Guitars and Amplifiers

Yet another reason why electric guitars are easier to play is that they use an amplifier. The electric guitar’s pickups and amplifier project the sound, which means it requires lighter strings and a lighter touch to get the same effect you’d get on an acoustic guitar with a lot more work. Some people may consider the time it takes to plug in an amplifier to be a detriment, but if you’re truly in love with the idea of learning how to play the electric guitar, this small factor won’t be a detriment at all because in the end, it is neither time-consuming nor difficult to do.

Even if you find yourself in a situation where you spontaneously decide to pick up the guitar and play it, an amplifier should be no big deal. With an electric guitar comes an amplifier, at least much of the time. If you have to purchase the amp separately, you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money on it. You can get a very good amp for just a few hundred dollars – sometimes less – so go ahead and have the mindset that where your electric guitar goes, your amplifier also goes. But, keep in mind that this amp is part of the reason why your electric guitar is so easy to play.

Other Considerations

One important consideration when choosing between an acoustic and electric guitar is your budget. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have unlimited budgets to spend on items such as guitars. But the good news is that both electric guitars and acoustic guitars come in a wide variety of price ranges, so finding one that is reasonably priced and fits within your budget shouldn’t be difficult. The type of music you wish to learn should also be considered. Some music is considered easier to play than others, so whether you want to learn rock, R&B, country, or heavy metal, this is a consideration to pay attention to.

Keep in mind that overall, the acoustic guitar is bigger and has bigger features and heavier strings than an electric guitar does. This makes learning to play the electric guitar easier than the acoustic guitar in many ways. Yes, you’ll always have to practice and you’ll have to have a commitment to getting better at your craft, but in most ways, it is simply easier to play electric rather than an acoustic guitar.

Conclusion – Is Electric Guitar Easier to Play Than Acoustic

When it comes to the physical act of playing the guitar, there’s little doubt that an electric guitar is easier to play than an acoustic guitar. With smaller bodies, thinner fretboards, and lighter strings – not to mention an amplifier – it is not at all difficult to understand why learning to play an acoustic guitar is a bit more challenging than playing an electric guitar. This being said, if your passion and interest are geared toward playing the acoustic guitar, you owe it to yourself to do just that. After all, once you get to an intermediate playing level, both the electric and acoustic guitar will be easy for you to play.

Learning to play the guitar is a lot of fun, but if you feel equally excited about both the electric and acoustic guitar, you might want to consider starting with the electric guitar because in most ways, it is simply easier and quicker to learn this instrument. Your budget should also be taken into consideration, but since you can get both an electric and acoustic guitar for $300 to $500, that shouldn’t be your biggest consideration. Just determine which guitar you have the most passion for and go with that. This way, you won’t regret your decision in the end.

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