How To Put On a Guitar Strap – Explained For Beginners

How To Put On a Guitar Strap?

If you play guitar, you’ll want to attach a strap to it at some point. Doing so makes it easier to hold and carry. Plus, you can play with ease when standing. However, how exactly do you put one on?

To put on a guitar strap, find the strap pins first. They should be near the top end and the bottom of the guitar body. Connect one pin to the strap, then do the same for the other. Once you’ve done it for the first time, you should have no trouble figuring out how to connect it again.

How To Put On a Guitar Strap - Explained For Beginners

How To Tie Guitar Strap to Headstock

When you want to connect your guitar strap to an acoustic guitar, using the guitar headstock is best. Since most acoustics don’t have a pin on their headstock, you’ll first need to find a tie.

For example, you could try the Nefelibata Full Grain Leather Guitar Headstock Strap Tie. It’s cost-efficient and even comes with a few spare guitar picks you can use. Plus, the material is very strong and will last you a long time.

Slide the leather tie under the strings against the nut. Close it using the button, and you’ll now have a loop. 

Once your tie is ready, you can attach the guitar strap to the headstock through that loop. The guitar strap you have should easily tie onto the leather strap, giving you a secure grip on the instrument. 

From there, you can adjust the strap until it feels comfortable- then you’re ready to play! If you don’t have a leather strap like that on-hand, many musicians use a piece of shoelace instead. You’ll need to tie it very tightly to ensure it doesn’t come undone!

How Do You Attach a Strap to an Acoustic Guitar

You can use a few different methods when connecting a strap to your acoustic guitar. There should be a pin on the bottom of your guitar. Once you’ve found it, flip the guitar over and look for one on the back. If there’s a second pin, you can simply connect the strap to both ends.

However, most acoustic guitars won’t have two pins- they usually only have one on the bottom. That’s why most musicians prefer to use the leather tie that slides under the strings. If you don’t mind doing some DIY, you can drill another pin into the guitar.

After setting up the leather loop, securely connect the guitar strap to it, then connect it to the bottom of the guitar, where the first pin should be. The leather loop acts as the second pin, giving you somewhere to secure the strap.

How To Strap an Acoustic Guitar

If you already have the two buttons on your guitar, adding the straps is simple. Find the holes on the ends of the guitar strap, then slide the pin through one of them. Make sure it’s secure, then drape the strap around the back of the guitar and secure the second end on the other pin.

It’s easier to put on if you push the tip of your index finger against the hole, then slide it over the pin using a clockwise motion. The pin should slide right through the hole, even if it’s a bit tight.

You may need to stretch the straps holes to make it fit. Manufacturers usually make them small so the strap doesn’t fall off.

Over time, the strap’s holes might loosen and stretch. You’ll need to swap out your guitar strap if it gets to the point where it won’t stay on the guitar. It’s better to be safe than to worry about dropping your instrument all the time!

How To Choose a Guitar Strap

You must choose the correct size of the guitar strap. The standard strap usually falls between 40 to 60 inches in length. If you hold your guitar low or are very tall, make sure to get a longer strap- at least 70 inches!

It’s also good to know that you can choose any guitar strap you like. There’s no difference between a bass, electric, or acoustic guitar strap. So, if you find a style you want- go for it!

Finally, you’ll want to make sure the strap is wide enough for you. Thin straps don’t support the instrument well, and it can feel like it’s digging into your skin. At least two inches thick is best for most people.

How To Adjust Guitar Strap

Knowing how to adjust your guitar strap once it is in place is also very important! Your strap will likely have two sections to it. One is a single strap layer, while the bottom is two layers. 

To make the guitar strap shorter, grab the single side and slide it through the clasp, so it makes a loop. Then, feed it into the double side. Since the extra material goes into the double side, it shortens the length of the strap.

If you want to make the guitar strap longer, you should do the opposite! Take the double side and slide some of the lengths through the clasp to form a loop. Then, push that loop through into the single side of the strap- it lengthens it! If it helps, think of how you would adjust backpack straps.

Overall, you’ll likely need to experiment with where you want the strap to sit while you play. Although, once you find that sweet spot, you can leave the strap in that position forever. You’ll only need to make adjustments to it if the clasp slides out of place.

Final Thoughts – How To Put On a Guitar Strap

In short, attaching a guitar strap to your instrument is a simple process. Once you do it for the first time, it should come to you naturally if you need to move it around again. If you don’t have a leather headstock strap now, you can use a shoelace as a placeholder. However, many pros prefer using a leather tie since it’s more reliable and looks nicer.

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