How to Hang a Guitar on the Wall DIY

Storing your guitar the right way when it isn’t being played isn’t that difficult, and hanging it on the wall is often a better option than placing it on a guitar stand because the stand can easily be knocked over and harm the instrument. If you have more than one guitar, storing them on the wall looks super-cool and keeps the instruments looking neat and easy to show off!

The thing is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to hang guitars on your wall. You can do it yourself for a lot less money. Regardless of the type of wall hanger, you choose, installing it yourself is a piece of cake.

How to Hang a Guitar on the Wall?

The first thing you’ll need to do is decide what type of wall hanger you wish to place on your wall. You’ll need to decide how you wish to hang it, what height and exact position you want to place it at, and determine where the studs are in your wall.

While many wall hangers for guitars can be hung without drilling holes into the wall, the most secure wall hangers are always hung with hooks or screws. Unless you’re a renter and therefore aren’t allowed to alter your walls, it’s usually best to go ahead and use screws or nails to make sure the wall hanger is secure enough to hold the guitar.

How to Hang a Guitar on the Wall DIY

Decide What Type of Wall Hanger You Want

There are many different types of wall hangers for guitars, so you’ll need to decide which one you want to use. These include the following types:

  • Basic wall hangers. These have two rods that stick out and hold the guitar’s headstock in place.
  • Locking wall hangers. These are like basic hangers except they have some type of mechanism that locks the guitar in place. They can either have wood brackets or metal ones.
  • Angled wall mounts. These are also called horizontal wall mounts and have a hook that holds the upper section of the neck, while two more hooks hold the body of the guitar.
  • Frames and boxes. This is a great option if you love woodworking. You can get quite creative with the shape and design of the boxes, and they are a great way to showcase your guitars.

If you’re super creative, you can even create your own wall hanger using a 3D printer. This guarantees that the device will be different from any other wall hanger because you can design your own from scratch.

Keep in mind that you can also hang a guitar on brick, drywall, or just about any type of wall. Brick is super-safe because it is so sturdy, and wall studs are recommended over drywall, but you should use a stud finder because the exact position of the studs must be known beforehand.

Step-by-Step Hanging Instructions

Now it’s time to hang up your guitar wall hangers, and these instructions will tell you how it is done:

  1. Find exactly where you want to place the hangers. Make sure you include lots of room around the guitar and don’t put guitars too close together. Don’t choose walls that get direct sunlight, and try to find a wall with enough room to add other guitars later on.
  2. Decide exactly how you want the guitar hung; for instance, vertically, horizontally, or at an angle. Hold the guitar up on the wall to get an idea of how it will look once the hangers are installed. You can even use your computer for design and placement help!
  3. Consider the height and the position the guitar will be in once it’s hung. For instance, consider how much space the guitar will have underneath it, whether small children will be able to reach the guitar after it’s hung, and how easily it will be for you yourself to reach it.
  4. Find the wall studs. While brick is the sturdiest way to hang guitar hangers, hanging them on wall studs is the second strongest. Tap on the wall lightly, then slowly move your finger and continue tapping until you hear a solid thud sound.
  5. Mount the hanger. Do this by lining up the mount in the right position then marking the position of the holes. Use a pencil in case you mess up and have to start over again. Use a suitable size hold for each screw and screw them in very tight.

A Few Tips to Remember

There are also tips that you can use to make the entire process a lot easier. They include:

  • Use a spirit level so the hanger is hung straight
  • Use the screw or even a pencil and place it into the holes so they are the right size
  • When mounting into wall studs, the drill bit should be slightly thinner than the screw size
  • When hanging the guitar, listen for any signs of potential weakness, such as cracking
  • Make sure that you plan exactly where each guitar will go if you are planning to hang more than one

If you plan ahead so you know how many guitars have to be hung, you’ll increase the odds that the guitars will look great in the end.

Conclusion – How to Hang a Guitar on the Wall

Hanging your guitars on wall hangers is never bad for the guitar simply because the neck of the guitar is lightweight and small enough to accommodate the hanger. If the guitar happens to fall off of the hanger, it is because the hanger was installed incorrectly. Hanging wall hangers for guitars is easier than you think, but this doesn’t mean that some preplanning isn’t necessary. You’ll certainly have to make sure that the spacing is correct, especially if you plan on adding more guitars to the wall at a later date.

Another thing that you’ll need is the right tools. If you’re going to install the wall hanger on studs, it’s best to go ahead and invest in a stud finder so you can be sure you don’t put the hanger in the wrong place. Take your time while installing the hangers and make sure all the measurements are correct and accurate. By following these and other common-sense measures, you’ll be certain to have guitar hangers that work perfectly.

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