How Much Does an Electric Guitar Cost?

If you’ve decided you want to play the electric guitar, one of the first questions you’ll ask yourself is, how much does an electric guitar cost? Musical instruments can be expensive, but if you’re a beginner, you won’t have to pay nearly as much for your guitar.

How Much Does an Electric Guitar Cost?

Electric guitars can cost anywhere from around $100 to more than $2,500, depending on the brand and the model. Naturally, the more expensive ones are made a little better, and they can also have features that the lower-priced guitars don’t have.

While you shouldn’t opt for the least expensive guitar out there, you don’t have to spend a fortune, either, especially if you’re a beginner. Before shopping for electric guitars, consider your budget and do some research on the various brands available so you can feel more confident with your purchase in the end. For now, let’s take a closer look at some of the many electric guitars on the market today and their respective costs.

how much does an electric guitar cost

Electric Guitars for Beginners

As a general rule, electric guitars for beginners cost between $100 and $400. Keep in mind that if you intend to continue playing for many years, you’ll want to choose the higher-end guitars because you’ll want something that can accommodate you as your skills improve. If you choose a guitar that is $100 or less, you might have to compromise on its features, including what it’s made out of and even the hardware that keeps it together. Still, brands such as Squier make good electric guitars that won’t break the bank, so they should definitely be considered.

Naturally, if you choose to buy an electric guitar that is closer to $400, you’ll find ones that have more options. The electric guitars that are more expensive will have upgraded and higher-quality features, including the hardware, wood, electronics, the way they made the guitar, and of course, what the guitar looks like. Simply put, inexpensive electric guitars are not made out of the same quality materials as more-expensive guitars are, and they don’t look as good, either. If you’re not sure how long you’ll be playing, you can stick to the less-expensive guitars, but if you intend to play for several years or longer, it’s worth it to invest in a higher-priced electric guitar.

Electric Guitars for Intermediate Players

If your skills have improved and you consider yourself an intermediate player, you can count on paying between $400 and $900 for your electric guitar. If you look hard enough and watch for sales, you can even get a Gibson or Fender for under $1,000, and you can often get the Gibson Les Paul guitar in this same price range. The Fender American Special Stratocaster, for example, is a great guitar for intermediate players and usually costs under $1,000. If you choose a Squier, which is affordable but still high in quality, look for the Bullet or the Affinity models.

Guitarists also look for HSS and SSS options, so it’s good to know what this means. HSS simply means there will be a humbucker pickup in the bridge position, and SSS means there will be three single-coil pickups. Some of the features you’ll be able to enjoy when your budget allows you to spend this kind of money include rosewood fingerboards, bodies made out of mahogany or alder, and necks and bridges that are made with better components than much less expensive guitars. When you’re looking for an intermediate electric guitar, some of the brands you should consider include Squier, Epiphone, Yamaha, and Schecter.

Electric Guitars for Advanced Players

For advanced or high-end guitars, not including those made for professionals, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500. Some of the best guitars to consider in this price range include the Fender American Original 60s Stratocaster and the Gibson Flying V. Others include the Gibson Les Paul 1960, Gibson SG, PRS Custom, Fender Stratocaster Standard or the Elite Series, and the Fender Telecaster. Fender is a reputable guitar company and is known all over the world, and with good reason. With the Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars made by Fender, you can’t go wrong, although you can expect to pay at least $1,500 for them.

There are also luxury and professional guitars, but as you can guess, they are very expensive. The Gretsch White Falcon, for example, can cost you up to $10,000, while the Fender Custom Shop models, which are personalized to the owner, usually cost around $6,000. Once you get to the high-end electric guitars, the prices can be astronomical, but of course, you’re getting a super high-quality guitar in return. You’re also getting a guitar that you can continue to grow with for as long as you decide you want to play.

Conclusion – How Much Does an Electric Guitar Cost?

Before you go shopping for electric guitars, it’s good to have in mind the different prices you’ll have to pay first. The more expensive the guitar, the more features it has and the better it will sound. While budget is likely to be your biggest deciding factor in the beginning, you’ll soon realize that with electric guitars, you usually get what you pay for. If your budget allows it, it’s best to go ahead and buy a guitar that allows you to develop your skills without compromising the sound you get from it. Let’s face it, your skills will improve over time, and it’s good to know the guitar you’ve purchased will last you a while without stopping you from getting better.

Also keep in mind that an electric guitar is an investment, regardless of what you paid for it. This means that a good hard guitar case should be purchased at the same time you buy the guitar, as well as a high-quality amplifier. Protecting guitars from extreme temperatures and humidity is important, and the right case will help you do just that. Just like the guitar itself, you should spend as much as your budget allows on the case because that’s what is going to protect your guitar from this point forward, allowing you to enjoy it for many years to come.

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