Fender. An American Legend, But Where Are Fender Acoustic Guitars Made?

Even if you are not a musician, there are names that most people know: Stradivarius for violins, Steinway for piano, Pearl for drums, and Fender for guitars. Of course, there are many more brands on the market, and every professional musician has a favorite. They will tell you it’s the sound, the feel, or the connection with the instrument. No matter the reason, it’s personal and does not have a rational explanation.

Fender guitars have graced stages and recording studios around the world for decades. They are known for their long-lasting quality and their unmistakable sound. Fender makes both acoustic and electric guitars, along with bass amplifiers and bass guitars. It is fair to say that the company is best known for its electric and bass guitars.

Fender. An American Legend, But Where Are Fender Acoustic Guitars Made?

Where Are Fenders Made?

The Fender Musical Instrument Corporation, simply known as Fender, is an American company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, although they started out in Los Angeles, California. Its main lines of products are electric guitars and bass guitars. They also manufacture other musical instruments such as acoustic guitars and the Fender Rhodes piano. Fender manufacturies are located in the USA, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, and China.

Fender has been manufacturing acoustic guitars in different countries for years. For example, they can sell some items at a lower price because it costs them less to have that product made in China or Korea. That does not mean that it is a lesser product. Any instrument made in the USA will intrinsically be more expensive because of higher labor and materials costs. The quality of the work being better or not could be debatable. Of course, if you want to buy Made in the USA, make sure to check where your instrument’s origin.

Are Their Acoustic Guitars Made In China?

Fender is releasing its first acoustic guitars made in California in many years. It will resell for about $2000. If you are not a professional, that is a stiff price. If you are a beginner and do not want to invest that kind of money in an instrument, there are many cheaper options. Some models made in China, like the Fender CD-60 and Fender CF-60, are great instruments and start at about $200. Most Fender acoustic guitars are made in China and Indonesia.

You can buy a bundle on Amazon for $300. That will include the guitar, a hard case, a digital tuner, a strap, extra strings, a polishing cloth, and an instructional DVD. Check here for availability and price. The mahogany wood finish is beautiful. Whether you are starting to learn or already enjoy entertaining friends and family around a campfire, this guitar will definitely deliver an excellent sound.

Is They A Good Acoustic Guitar Brand?

As mentioned earlier in this article, Fender is widely known for its electric guitars. Their acoustic guitars lines are mostly geared towards beginners and intermediate-level musicians. Nevertheless, these instruments are very well respected and deliver a sound that makes their users happy. The Fender name and quality have stood the test of time. Their instruments are always well-built and produce gorgeous chords encouraging players to practice and get better.

With its new line, the American Acoustasonic Telecaster, Fender proves that it can still innovate and hopes to attract musicians that might have used different brands before. This hybrid guitar is both acoustic and electric. It is a powerful instrument that delivers an incredible sound whether you play in a recording studio or live on a stage. This line is built in Corona at the company’s Californian manufacturing facility.

Fender has been making guitars since the mid-50s and, through the years, has been able to manufacture instruments that kept on getting better through trial and error. The Stratocaster is considered to be the greatest electric guitar on the market. Again, taste is subjective, and some musicians will argue that Gibson makes better guitars. Regardless, there is a reason why Fender has been able to hold its place as a leader in electric guitars.

Most musicians will agree that the Stratocaster is unsurpassed. Along with the Telecaster, they are the most popular guitars in history. Both are incredible instruments with a few differences. The Stratocaster has broader tones and is the most comfortable to hold, while the Telecaster is the easier to tune and play. There are differences in the overall shapes, materials, and hardware used. A personal preference is what will lead a musician toward one over the other.

Do They Keep Their Value?

If you take good care of your guitar, keep it in pristine condition, and do not modify it, it will retain its value fairly well. However, this should not be seen as an investment unless you intend to pass it down to your descendants. After a few generations, maybe the guitar will be worth more than what you originally paid for it.

Some Fender Stratocasters from the 1960s can fetch upward to $100 000. If you own one of those, good for you. Many factors will affect the instrument’s value: has it been modified, are there missing parts, what year was it made, what wood was used: etc. Even colors can change the value as some are more sought after than others. If you don’t already own one of those rare specimens, enjoy the one you just bought.

Are They Better Than Gibson?

Gibson predates Fender by several decades. In 1936 they invented the ES 150, which became their first commercial success. But even though they have a more extended history, Fender improved on what he thought were flaws with the Gibson design. Fender’s Telecaster became commercially available in 1951, with the Stratocaster coming out in 1954.

Nowadays, both companies manufacture beautiful instruments. The choice between one or the other will come down to personal preference and the musical genre you perform. Gibson guitars are often used for rock, metal, and punk. Fender guitars are often used for pop, funk, blues, and country.


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