Can You Use A Guitar Amp For Electronic Drums?

Can You Use A Guitar Amp For Electronic Drums?

Drums are the most common instruments in a rock band. If you’re looking to play drums, but don’t want to lug around heavy equipment and set it up, then an electric drum kit might be for you.

Electronic drums use MIDI technology instead of physical objects like regular acoustic drums. A MIDI controller lets you produce sounds from any instrument digitally on your computer screen or keyboard keypad so they come out through speakers or headphones rather than coming from a traditional musical instrument.

There are many different types of electric drums with varying features available today depending on what type of music you’re interested in playing and how much money you want to spend.

The following article will explore if guitar amps can be used to amplify electronic drums.

can you use a guitar amp for electronic drums

Can you use a guitar amp for electronic drums?

In short, yes – you can use a guitar amp to amplify electronic drums. However, there are some things you should consider before using a guitar amp. The main difference between a guitar amp and an electronic drum amplifier is the frequency range.

Guitar amps are designed to amplify frequencies in the mid-range to high-frequency range. This is why they often have a bright sound.

Electronic drum amplifiers, on the other hand, are designed to amplify lower frequencies, which is why they typically have a warmer sound.

Most electronic drum sets have a bass module to produce low-end frequencies, but it is still important to find an amplifier that is designed specifically for these lower frequencies.

When looking for an amplifier to use with your electronic drums, be sure to find one that has a frequency range of 30 Hz – 200 Hz. This will ensure that the amp is able to produce the full range of frequencies that your electronic drums are capable of generating.

Guitar amps are not typically designed to handle these lower frequencies, so using one could potentially damage the speaker.

If you’re looking for an amplifier to use with your electronic drums, be sure to do your research to find one that is designed specifically for these instruments. This will help ensure that you get the most out of your electronic drum set and avoid damaging the amplifier.

What To Look For In An Electronic Drum Amplifier


Power is measured in watts. The more watts an amplifier has, the louder it will be. This doesn’t mean that amplifiers with higher watts are better than those with lower watts though. Some do not go above 50 watts, while others can go up to 800 or even 1000 watts.

50 watts in plenty for practicing at home, but you will want 100 watts or more if you are playing live.

Frequency Range

As mentioned earlier, the frequency range of an amplifier is very important when using it with electric drums. It should be able to cover the full range of your electronic drum set, 30 Hz – 200 Hz.

Power Handling

The power handling capabilities of an amplifier are different from the wattage. This determines how much sound pressure level (SPL) it can handle before distorting. An amplifier with a higher power handling can handle more sound without distorting.

Size And Weight

An amplifier’s size and weight can be important factors to consider if you are looking for one to take with you on the go. Some amplifiers are very large and heavy, while others are smaller and more lightweight.

Channels And Equalization

Amplifiers typically have two channels: a left and a right. This allows you to plug in two different instruments at the same time and control the volume of each separately.

Equalization is also important. It lets you adjust the tone of your sound, making it brighter or warmer as needed.


It’s important to do your research and find an amplifier that is made by a reputable brand. This will ensure that you are getting a quality product that will last.


Price is obviously an important consideration when purchasing any piece of equipment. You don’t want to break the bank, but you also want to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

An amplifier that is properly designed for your electronic drum set will provide you with the most benefits and ensure that both are safe from damage. With so many features, sizes, and brands to choose from, it’s best to do some research before making a purchase.

Conclusion – Can You Use A Guitar Amp For Electronic Drums

An amplifier designed for electronic drums is a must-have piece of equipment to get the most out of your set. When looking for an amplifier, be sure to find one that has a frequency range of 30 Hz – 200 Hz, power handling capabilities, and channels. Doing your research beforehand will help ensure you make the best purchase for your needs and get the most out of your electronic drum set.

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