Can I Use Any Guitar For Rocksmith?

Since being updated in 2014, any guitar has been compatible with UbiSoft’s guitar education game, Rocksmith. For electric guitars, you will plug the guitar directly into the software. With acoustic guitars, you will need a microphone that plugs into the computer that will capture your playing. 

If you’re a musician, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of Rocksmith. It’s a fantastic game that allows you to plug your guitar into your Xbox, PC, mobile device, or Playstation and learn how to play new songs by actually playing them. The Great news is that any guitar will work with the program if you have the correct setup.

Can I Use Any Guitar For Rocksmith

What Is Rocksmith?

Rocksmith is a game by developer UbiSoft that allows beginner guitar and bass players to learn the instrument through an interactive system. If you remember the games Guitar Hero or Rockband, Rocksmith is similar, but you use a real instrument.

Musicians will take their instruments and plug them into the software. Acoustic guitar players can use a microphone that plugs into the unit they are playing on. Rocksmith will use actual songs and display the notes across the screen in real-time, allowing the musician to follow along.

The game can record and monitor your playing in real-time to provide feedback. This monitoring system makes it possible to recommend specific lessons and help each player grow independently. 

Is Rocksmith Still Being Supported By The Developer?

Yes, UbiSoft has released a new premium version with a monthly subscription allowing more access to lessons and instruction than ever before. Users are able to even use the program on mobile devices, making it easier than ever to learn guitar. 

Rocksmith’s new monthly subscription allows for more content to be uploaded to the program keeping things fresh for students. You can expect plenty of content from Rocksmith for the foreseeable future.

Do I Need An Electric Guitar To Play Rocksmith?

It would help if you had a guitar to plug into the software to use Rocksmith. Electric guitars are the simplest to use because you can use your guitar chord to plug right into the unit you are playing on. If your guitar isn’t electric, you will need a microphone source connected to the software that will allow it to hear you playing. 

Do I Need A Particular Guitar Cord To Play Rocksmith?

Yes, you will need a special cord from UbiSoft called the Rocksmith Real Tone Cable. This cord is available directly from the developer. Some similar forms of cable may be used if you are comfortable with selecting the right one. 

These cords have special USB input on the output end of the chord. The input end will plug directly into the guitar itself. These cords can also be used in other recording software for computers, so they are versatile, making them great purchases. 

What Kind Of Guitar Do You Need For Rocksmith

The best guitar to use for Rocksmith is the one that you have! Rocksmith works with any electric guitar style and an acoustic guitar as long as you have the corresponding chord or microphone. 

Electric guitars are easier to use because you will be plugging the instrument directly into the software, cutting out all ambient and background noise. This also gives the software direct access to your instrument, allowing it to pick up the notes you are playing more effectively. 

Can You Use An Acoustic Guitar With Rocksmith?

Yes, you will need a microphone that is connected to the unit running the software. This can be an internal microphone or a USB external microphone. As long as the mic can put up your playing and isn’t capturing too much ambient room noise, you can use an acoustic guitar just fine. 

You will want to plug the guitar directly into the unit for acoustic-electric guitars. While acoustic guitars work with the program, it may be easier and more efficient to plug the instrument into the device. If full acoustic is comfortable with, feel free to use a stand-alone mic to record yourself playing the guitar in the program. 

Is It Suitable For Beginners?

Rocksmith can help you learn guitar at your own pace. This software is excellent for beginners because you will receive individual lessons directly between you and the game. As you progress, you can turn up the difficulty level to align with your skill level. 

Starting as a beginner and learning with Rocksmith is a great way to learn the basics and not plateau and reach a block. The game will help you with the very basics but gradually help you fine-tune your skills. 

Is It Suitable For Professionals?

Not only is Rocksmith suitable for beginners, but it’s also an excellent tool for intermediate players as well. Rocksmith will help you with its great lessons for any level. Challenge your skills to become a better player overall. 

The game also serves as an excellent exercise for guitarists to try new music and learn new songs. Instead of looking at chords online, you can learn songs interactively in real-time. See how they are played and assess your skills as you go along. 

Do I Need An Amplifier?

No amplifier is required for the game to work correctly. You will be plugging your instrument into the software or using a microphone for the game to hear you. Once you begin playing, you will listen to yourself in the game playing through the speakers on your tv or monitor. 

How Many Songs Are On Rocksmith?

You will be able to find music that you’re interested in learning how to play. There are close to 1,500 songs available for purchase on the Rocksmith store. There is something for everyone in Rocksmith. 

Can I Use A Bass On Rocksmith?

Rocksmith was created to teach the basics and beyond for both guitar players and bass players. Your bass guitar will work the same as a standard electric guitar as far as connection to the console and how you will play it. You do not need an amplifier for connecting your bass to Rocksmith. 


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