Are Acoustic Electric Guitars Good for Beginners?

Should A Beginning Guitar Player Start With An Acoustic Electric Guitar?

Why should a beginner consider starting with an acoustic-electric guitar? These guitars provide several significant advantages for beginners, including the option to use nylon strings and choose a smaller body for a more comfortable fit. Acoustic electric guitars also offer more versatility. Anyone that is planning to learn how to play guitar should consider the pros and cons of starting with an acoustic-electric model.

are acoustic electric guitars good for beginners

Acoustic-Electric Guitars Provide More Playing Options

There are several great reasons to consider starting with an acoustic electric guitar. Beginners often start with an acoustic guitar so that they can focus on learning how to play instead of dealing with various amplifier settings and electronic components. This also allows beginners to practice without producing a lot of noise, which may be necessary for an apartment or shared living space.

After learning the basics, some guitarists may want to switch to an electric guitar and start experimenting with the use of a preamp. With an acoustic-electric guitar, you have the choice of playing unplugged or connected to an amplifier. You get the advantages of both types of guitars.

If you start with an acoustic-electric guitar, you can immediately begin practicing without the need for any additional equipment. As you improve your playing skills, you may then start using the pickup and preamp to amplify your sound or record your practice sessions.

Standard acoustic and electric guitars do not provide this versatility. When practicing on an electric guitar that is not connected to the amp, it is difficult to analyze the sound you produce when strumming or picking the guitar.

Nylon Strings Are Softer on the Fingers Than Steel Strings

Acoustic guitars typically use steel strings. This is necessary for producing more volume with the acoustic instrument. The drawback is that beginning guitarists have not yet built the calluses on their fingers to make steel strings comfortable.

Music teachers and experienced guitarists often recommend that people start with steel strings to break their fingers in. If you want to avoid sore fingers, nylon strings are more comfortable for beginners. However, nylon is typically only used with electric guitars and classical acoustic guitars. The alternative is to use an acoustic-electric guitar with a piezo pickup.

The piezo pickup converts mechanical vibrations from non-magnetic strings, allowing beginners to start with an acoustic guitar with nylon strings without needing to choose a classical guitar.

Acoustic-Electric Guitars Allow You to Choose a Smaller Size

When choosing a guitar to start learning how to play, you need to ensure that the shape and size are comfortable. A typical acoustic guitar has a large body for producing greater resonance and a fuller sound. For this reason, acoustic guitars are often larger than electric guitars and maybe more awkward to hold for those with smaller hands or shorter arms.

The smaller size of the electric guitar is often more comfortable for beginners as they learn to hold the guitar properly. An acoustic electric guitar includes a preamp for amplifying the sound produced by the guitar. This allows for smaller designs and ergonomic cutaways.

With an acoustic-electric guitar, you may find a smaller, more comfortable design compared to a standard acoustic guitar while still enjoying the acoustic sound.

Why Acoustic-Electric Guitars Are Good for Beginners

Everyone has his or her preferences and choosing the right beginner guitar is up to you. Two of the most significant considerations in selecting the best guitar include the size of the guitar and the type of strings. Acoustic electric guitars provide the option to connect the guitar to an amplifier for more volume and sound controls. This allows you to find a guitar that is the right size for your comfort.

When you start with steel strings, you may experience bloody fingertips and build up calluses. Acoustic electric guitars also allow you to use nylon strings, which are more comfortable for beginners than using steel strings.

These are some of the main reasons to start with an acoustic electric guitar. However, you should choose a guitar that you feel most comfortable practicing on. You may also want to select a guitar that suits your music listening preferences. For example, if you enjoy heavy metal, you may have difficulty playing along on an acoustic guitar. If you enjoy folk music, the electric guitar will feel out of place. Keep these details in mind as you shop for your first guitar.


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