Affiliate Disclosure

Our mission is to recommend what really matters. Each year, we test and evaluate products to help you find just what you need. Our goal is to save you time, whether you’re looking for everyday bass equipment or gifts for loved ones.

We strive to be the most trusted guitar equipment recommendation service around, and we work with total independence. We won’t post a recommendation unless our writers and editors have deemed something the best through rigorous reporting and testing.

So let’s talk about affiliate links.

Affiliate Links

Sometimes when we recommend a product, we’ll link to the company’s website using what’s known as an affiliate or referral link. Basically, if you end up buying a product that you found via our link, we get a commission from the vendor as a small “bird dog fee.”

Sometimes that commission is just a few dollars; sometimes it’s a little more. Sometimes it’s a one-time commission; sometimes it’s a rolling commission — so if you sign up for a monthly subscription service we might get a slice of that monthly fee.

But here’s the important thing — that referral doesn’t cost you a penny. The entire commission comes out of the vendor’s pocket, not yours.

And it goes without saying that we’ll never recommend a product simply because it pays us a commission because that would be sleazy, right?

So we’ll only recommend products that we’ve personally used or that come highly recommended by trusted peers. (After all, if we only recommended products we’re using ourselves right now, we’d be doing you a disservice, because there is a lot of bass equipment that are a great fit when you’re starting out, but not when your career is bigger like ours. Make sense?)

So just assume when you are seeing a link to Amazon, or another store, that it is an affiliate link.

All good? Great!


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